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che quotazione!!! Mini TiPhiter 2

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che quotazione!!! Mini TiPhiter 2 Empty che quotazione!!! Mini TiPhiter 2

Messaggio  maur5454 Dom 14 Set 2008 - 13:22

I prototipi posso raggiungere valori veramente elevati: 325$
che quotazione!!! Mini TiPhiter 2 B9bd_110

---This auction is for the Mini TiPhiter 2 ONLY, any other yo-yos shown are for display or comparison purposes only---

This is a TIPhiter 2, an all Titanium yo-yo produced by Kyo (me)... it has been cut down, had the rims removed, and been refitted with brass rings. This was the original prototype 'proof-of-concept' for the Tirade.. it's really the first ever mini-titanium yo-yo.

The basic size carried over to the final model, the shape and response system changed.. this is the ONLY one I made or will make.

Pictured on the left is a yoyofactory 888, and on the right is a Kyo Tirade so you can see size/shape comparison.

Before shipping I will buff and polish the yo-yo to its original shine.

This yo-yo has a slight vibration (it is a prototype after all), but it still plays like a beast. Included is a ceramic bearing.

This is the ONLY prototype I have ever sold, and the only one of these you will ever see, so don't miss your chance on this rare item.

Weight: 63g
Diameter: ~ 2"
Width: ~ 1.7"
Response: Flush Dif-Pads

I will ship anywhere via whatever your preferred method, buyer pays shipping. I would recommend fedex insured.

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